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Cranberry Prosecco hand-poured coconut soy wax in an 8oz tin offers a vibrant and celebratory fragrance experience that combines the tart sweetness of cranberries with the effervescence of sparkling Prosecco. Crafted with a blend of coconut soy wax, renowned for its clean-burning and sustainable properties, this candle infuses your space with the joyful essence of a festive occasion.


As the candle burns, it releases the invigorating scent of tart cranberries mingled with the crisp and bubbly notes of Prosecco, creating an atmosphere that is both lively and refreshing. The coconut soy wax burns evenly and cleanly, ensuring a long-lasting and eco-friendly option for enjoying your favorite fragrance.


Encased in a convenient 8oz tin, this candle is perfect for setting the mood for celebrations, special gatherings, or simply to add a touch of effervescence to your everyday routine. Whether used to toast to special moments, to unwind after a busy day, or to add a splash of brightness to any occasion, the Cranberry Prosecco candle in coconut soy wax offers a delightful and festive experience for those who love the zestiness of cranberries and the bubbly charm of Prosecco.


100% Coconut & Soy Wax, Paraffin Free, Non Toxic

8oz. Eco-Friendly Tins

Organic Cotton Wicks

Burn Time=50 Hours



Cranberry Prosecco

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