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Brandied Pear natural soy wax melts offer a sophisticated and fruity fragrance that combines the luscious aroma of ripe pears with the rich and warm notes of brandy. Crafted from natural soy wax, known for its clean-burning and sustainable qualities, these wax melts provide an elegant olfactory experience.

When melted, the wax releases a harmonious blend of sweet pear and the subtle, warming essence of brandy. The result is a refined and indulgent fragrance that adds a touch of luxury to your living space.

To enjoy the Brandied Pear fragrance, place the soy wax melts in a suitable wax warmer or melter. As the wax gently melts, it diffuses the enticing scent, creating an ambiance that is both fruity and sophisticated. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate the combination of fruity sweetness and a hint of warmth, providing a classy and inviting atmosphere in your home.


Natural Soy Wax


Made In Tucson, Az.

Brandied Pear

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